MECH300 - Summer Practice I (0-0) 0 Students are required to do a minimum of four weeks (twenty working days) summer practice at the shop floor of a suitable factory. The students are expected to practice on manufacturing processes such as machining, foundry work, metal forming, welding, non-traditional machining, heat treatment, finishing, etc. A report is to be submitted to reflect the work carried out personally by the student.Prerequisite: MECH 202, (MECH 100 and MECH 114 strongly recommended)
  • MECH202: Manufacturing Technologies. Minimum: FD

Responsible PersonMurat Sönmez

Learning Objectives
  • The students will have some experience with different discrete manufacturing processes used in industry and learn the role of mechanical engineers.
Relation to Program Outcomes
  1. Ability to devise, select, and use modern techniques and tools needed for engineering practice; ability to employ information technologies effectively.
  2. Ability to design and conduct experiments, gather data, analyze and interpret results for investigating engineering problems.
  3. Ability to work efficiently in intra-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary teams; ability to work individually.
  4. Ability to communicate effectively in Turkish, both orally and in writing; knowledge of a minimum of one foreign language.
  5. Awareness of professional and ethical responsibility.
  6. Information about business life practices such as project management, risk management, and change management; awareness of entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainable development.
  7. Knowledge about contemporary issues and the global and societal effects of engineering practices on health, environment, and safety; awareness of the legal consequences of engineering solutions.
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